Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices

Here is a list of environment friendly maintenance practices, ordinances, policies, and laws which help protect our Forests, Wildlife, Waterways, aquatic life, and our health. Whether it be a local Municipality, Township, Borough, City, County, State, or Federal Government, there is always room to improve our practices to help the environment. Usually there are already developed Environmentally friendly best practices, policies, or laws which we can learn from or use in our own hometowns. No need to solve the worlds ecological problems we just have to communication and share and ask for help with implementing the already existing solutions with your Local, State, or Federal Representatives.

Open Space Preservation - Chester County purchases all open space

After adding a referendum question to their ballot, 82% percent of Chester County citizens voted to purchase the majority of Chester County's open space.  

Open Space Management - No Mow Meadow schedule

By adjusting meadow mowing schedules to not mow between April and August can establish a meadow protecting ground nesting wildlife

PA Game Commission offers Wildlife friendly open space management advice

Waterway Management - Cool Creeks with trees for trout

Planting trees along creeks lessens the temperature of the water creating a trout friendly habitat.   

Litter Solutions

Pennsylvania, NewJersey, and Philadelphia all have interesting nonprofit initiatives which: can help stop litter, help clean up liter

Storm Water Management - Grates prevent litter from entering waterways

New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection (NJ Dep) developed a policy that can protect our waterways from litter. 

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