Neshaminy State Park - River Trail

Dates of volunteer events

We have ongoing volunteer opportunities tending this 2.2 acre area in Neshaminy State Park along the (River Trail).

(Spring/Fall 2024 Tree Tending) First Saturdays of each month 1 - 4pm

Neshaminy State Park Reforestation

1236 Native Trees and Shrubs were planted in Neshaminy State Park from 2020-2022 by volunteers for Nonprofit Excel Events funded by Treevitalize and in Partnership with Keystone 10 Million Trees.

This is a Reforestation project remediating 2 acres covered by invasive plants back into native habitat. First we remove invasive plants then plant native trees and shrubs that can handle both drought and wet conditions. The funding came initially from a riparian buffer grant to help divert storm water in a priority flood zone. This will provide natural habitat for wildlife and migrating birds while native flowering shrubs feed pollinators and flowering native trees help feed other insects.

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Species totals:

We planted 961 Trees of 14 native to Pennsylvania species from 2020 to 2022.

225 trees in 2020, 325 trees in 2021 and 411 trees in 2022.

275 Shrubs from 8 native berrying species were planted between 2020 and 2022. 

100 shrubs in 2020, 25 in 2021 and 125 more 2022.

2 persimmon and and 3 blueberry bushes added (4-6-2024)



History and Progress of this project:

We continually need help tree tending the weeding 1236 Native Trees and Shrubs. 

First, in September 2020, we planted 100 Native trees / 22 Native shrubs with a fancy metal cage and large tree riparian grant from TreeVitalize.

In October 2020 we planted an additional 125 trees and 75 Shrubs from a different grant from Keystone 10 million trees in the 2nd phase of the project.

In Spring 2021, in our the 3rd Phase of the Neshaminy State Park Reforestation Project we planted 125 nice larger trees in fancy deer protection metal cages from TreeVitalize.

In the 4th Phase also in the spring of 2021 we planted another 200 bare root trees (Sycamore, Tulip Poplar) in Tubex from a different grant from Keystone 10 million trees.

In the 5th Phase in Spring of 2022 we planted 2 areas in Neshaminy State Park with an additional 655 trees. 30 larger trees for a separate grove funded by Excel Events while an additional 600 trees and shrubs were provided through our partner Keystone 10 Million Trees (Chesapeake Bay Foundation).

Project Updates

(4-6-24) Tree planting and Tending

2 Persimmon and 3 blue berry were planted to add to the edible riparian buffer and floodplain. As 5 volunteers, tree tended and removed weeds.