Mill Creek - Levittown, PA   

Invasive Knotweed and sticker bush removal then Native Reforestation, Riparian Buffer and Floodplain to prevent erosion and lessen storm water

Mill Creek(Levittown, PA)- Tree Planting to Lessen Stormwater


Along Black Ditch, a tributary of Mill Creek in Levittown, Bristol Township PA we are installing a riparian buffer to help lessen storm water. We will be removing invasive shrubs then planting native trees and native berrying shrubs to spread the good native plants by feeding birds on this 3 acre county property.

Photo Gallery History of this Mill Creek Project

Tree source: Keystone 10 Million Trees

With the help of Penn State Master Watershed Stewards, we treated an acre of knotweed with herbicide to enable native reforestation in the coming years.

2024 Volunteer Dates

Native Trees and Shrubs, Timeline, and Partners

Timeline Tree planting Spring 2023


Native Trees

Native Shrubs 

Bristol Township donated 8 hours of Heavy Machinery and and 2 dumpsters for Knotweed Removal.

We sawed the knotweed and shoveled out the huge Knotweed shrub bases.

Native Speckled Alder along the creek. (Medicinal tree - you can chew on the bark and it is like Tylenol)

We moved some nice boulders so you can sit on them along the creek.