Storm Water Grates that prevent litter from entering the waterway

Storm Water grates that prevent litter from entering waterways

November 16, 2022|Community, Ecological News, Municipal Best Practices

Solid and Floatables Capture Storm Water grates

Protect our Streams, Creeks, Rivers, and Oceans from rubbish that enters our local Storm Water systems.

Examples of Storm Water Solid Capture Grates 

You can advocate to protect your local waterways by asking your local city or municipality to review New Jersey's Public Complex Storm Water Guidance documentation. By implementing a similar policy in your community, you can help the environment by lessening the amount of trash that enters our waterways.

New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP) has developed a great policy around protecting their waterways from Litter entering their waterways so we all can benefit.

Their Public Complex Storm Water Guidance documentation offers detailed instruction of how to implement a successful Solid and Floatable Control initiative in your community.