Keystone 10 Million Trees

Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership

Excel Events has been a Keystone 10 Million Trees Partner since December 15, 2021. Through this partnership we have access to native trees, shrubs, and deer protection which we use to implement Native Reforestation, Riparian Buffers, Flood Plains, Erosion Control, and establishing wildlife habitat with volunteers.


You may qualify to receive free trees from the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership.

If you:

We can:

Email: and we can help with planting those trees after you have agreed to a Land Owner Agreement with Excel Events and Keystone 10 Million Trees. We can also help request Trees from 10 Million Trees and try to make it work. The minimum is 50 trees but you could have a group of neighbors 5 neighbors with 10 trees per property. 


for More information about keystone 10 Million Trees Visit to request free trees for your property!

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