Litter Solutions

Through nonprofits like ilovethyhood, Glitter, and the public service Philly311, the community is coming together to lessen litter in your community.  

(is a Non-Profit in Philly)

With you can fill out the trashcan request form and start providing your community with a trashcan for your block.

Adding a trashcan to your Philadelphia block promotes cleanliness. 

The idea is, if the community has more access to trashcans, there would be less litter.

Request a trash can for my block

Philadelphia residents that have requested a trashcan from I love thy hood will (Philadelphia) 

helps clean up the streets by picking up trash as a paid subscription offering the community the ability to share the cost of keeping their block litter free by employing someone to pick up the trash. 

Clean my block weekly:  Offering a subscription to clean a street weekly which the cost can be shared by neighbors for $50 dollar weekly subscription.  

Be paid to clean a block: Earn $25 per block per week with paid training, branded gear, and free supplies. - a Weekly Service in Philadelphia where a trained Glitter Cleaner maintains the block your every week.


How do I report where trash has been dumped in Philadelphia? 

Philly311 Call: 311 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

If you’re outside of Philadelphia, Call: (215) 686-8686.

Link to report:

How do I report trash dumped in other parts of Pennsylvania? 

For reporting dumping litter everywhere else in Pennsylvania, can help. 

They help setup temporary cameras to catch repeated trash dumping offenders . 

Call: 724-836-4121 


How do I report trash dumping in New Jersey?

Let New Jersey's DEP Department of Environmental Protection know about dumping in New Jersey

Call: 1-877-927-6337 



Printable PDF to help others know about these Philadelphia Litter Solutions:

Print the color PDF Flyer of Philadelphia Litter Solutions to help communicate these services of this information with a QR code