PaOneStop was developed to help farms manage their farm fields, access and develop erosion control, property management, and crop alternating plans. This is a free website that provides instant access to better and more up-to-date satellite image quality than google maps, access lidar-like topography maps.

There are many resources developed for agriculture which overlap with the needs of reforestation, erosion control, riparian buffers, grass to forest, and other native habitat remediation projects. 


How to use PAOneStop to map nonprofit tree plantings:

More about PAOneStop:

Who can access farm information? 

Information related to any individual farm will not be shared with or distributed to any other organization without permission of the individual farmer. PAOneStop is maintained by Penn State Extension. 

Who is developing PAOneStop? 

PAOneStop is being developed by Penn State Extension in collaboration with and support from: 

• Pennsylvania State Conservation Commission 

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection - (Information for Watershed Specialists) 

• Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture 

• USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services 

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