Mill Creek - (Green Lane) Levittown, PA

Mill Creek at Green Lane in (Levittown, PA)- Tree Planting to Lessen erosion, water temperature, storm water, while providing native habitat for wildlife

Project :

Along Mill Creek in Levittown, Bristol Township PA we are installing a riparian buffer to help lessen storm water and erosion. The area is a beaver's home who created a nice native habitat. The area looks distressed because of the many standing dead wood trees. It looks like a ghost forest. This was recently caused by  a beaver that built a dam which allowed creek water to access a flood plain that a dike normally had prevented in the past. This caused the hydrology of the soil which kill the trees there. We will plant wetland trees that can survive in that area to help with lessening storm water. This will also beautify the area with native shrubs for erosion control and redevelop a canopy of trees in the ghost forest area as well as along the creek bank.

Dates of volunteer events:

Tree source: Keystone 10 Million Trees

3 acres 50 trees, 50 shrubs (will  be planted in the spring 2024)

With the help of Penn State Master Watershed Stewards, we will plant live stakes harvested from local native shrubs to help lessen erosion and propagate native plants in the area.

Native Trees and Shrubs, Timeline, and Partners

Timeline Tree planting Spring 2023


Native Shrubs